RF Design

Achray Photonics provides a number of solutions in the area of RF design and assembly. We offer following services:

  1. High speed ceramic carrier design up to 80 GHz
  2. Microwave module design and prototyping
  3. Design of RF coplanar or microstrip lines inside the package, connecting high speed device to another device or connector in package wall
  4. RF solutions for directly modulated Lasers, Detectors, Modulators, Detector and Laser Arrays
  5. 2d and 3d RF modeling, optimization of s-parameters and package crosstalk reduction, package resonances
  6. V-connector packages with transitions to ceramic submounts
  7. K-connector, GPO, GPPO and SMA packages
  8. Packages with multiple RF connectors
  9. Development of packages with high-speed, multi-layer ceramic feedthroughs
  10. RF test jigs
  11. SMD and MiniDIL packages
  12. Ceramic hybrids with multiple RF devices
  13. Assembly of RF submounts and modules
  14. Amplifier selection and integration with optoelectronic devices

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