Packaging of Optoelectronic Devices

At Achray Photonics each packaging solution is developed based on our expertise as well as extensive modeling. Each device-fiber coupling scheme is uniquely designed to provide high coupling efficiency and environmental stability of the packaged device. Thermal design is optimized to ensure the widest possible operating temperature range with a thermo-electric cooler for optoelectronic devices requiring stable thermal conditions, independent of the ambient temperature. We have an extensive expertise in hermetic packaging solutions for all kinds of optoelectronic components, ranging from PINs and APDs to external modulators and hybridly integrated, multifunctional devices. High speed electrical design, supported by our RF modeling tools, is available to make sure that the packaged component meets specifications of s-parameters and cross-talk in the case of multiple high speed connections.
We provide our customers with optoelectronic packaging services in the following areas:

  1. CW and directly modulated lasers up to 40 GHz
  2. VCSLs
  3. Laser arrays
  4. PIN and APD detectors in surface or waveguide configuration, up to 65 GHz
  5. Waveguide devices (SOA, attenuators etc.)
  6. Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers
  7. External Modulators (lithium niobate, MZ, EA etc.) up to 80 GHz
  8. Passive Optical Components (filters, couplers)
  9. Optical Switches (MEMS, thermal, semiconductor, mechanical etc.)

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