Design solutions for Optical Amplifiers and Optical Modules

At Achray we have developed a number of design solutions for Optical Amplifiers and Optical Modules. We have repeatedly demonstrated ability to combine electronic design with thermal management design, optical components co-packaging and fiber routing solutions. We have developed drivers for TECs and Pump Modules, offering low power consumption and precise tracking of temperatures and optical power levels. Microprocessor based control circuits are provided with each module to ensure configuration flexibility and convenient interface with the system. Our design expertise covers following areas:

  1. Electronic design
  2. TEC and Pump drivers
  3. Microprocessor control
  4. SPI and other interfaces
  5. PCB design and layout
  6. PCB assembly and testing
  7. Fiber routing solutions
  8. Thermal management concepts
  9. Co-packaging of various optical components
  10. Optical assembly and testing

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