FEA Modeling and Design Services


At Achray Photonics we believe that modeling is a very important tool in the design of every modern opto-electronic packaging solution. Modeling can cut cost and help reduce risk associated with every new packaging development.
We provide our customers with modeling and design services in the following areas:

  1. Optical,
    includes selection of optical components to provide optimum coupling efficiency into a single mode fiber or an array of fibers (lenses, lensed fibers etc.) as well as isolators, beam splitters and other optical components co-packaged with the device.
  2. Thermal Steady State
    includes selection of thermally conductive materials, predicting and optimizing temperature drop between the active device and the package, producing temperature maps, selecting and predicting performance of Thermo-Electric Coolers.
  3. Transient Thermal
    to help determine time constants and thermal interaction of multiple devices.
  4. Mechanical and Thermal Stress
    aimed at reducing effects of thermal and mechanical factors on optical performance of the packaged device.
  5. RF
    includes design and evaluation of high speed microstrip and coplanar connections to the packaged devices, optimizing s-parameters, reducing crosstalk and resonances, speeds up to 50 GHz,

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